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David Harrell Appointed as New President and CEO of Helixomer

Helixomer, Inc. announces the appointment of David Harrell as President and CEO, where he will lead the company's growth efforts, preclinical drug development, and capital fundraising. Harrell also joins the Board of Directors to help navigate Helixomer's strategic future.

"David brings a wealth of start-up experience, both in biotech and medical devices. We are pleased to have a dynamic executive such as David join us," said Professor Thomas LaBean, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer. LaBean added, "David is trained as a scientist but has nearly 30 years of experience in growing, leading, developing, and scaling businesses and teams; he has also sat on the board of an investment capital firm. His expertise spanning several disciplines including M&A, raising capital, strategy, public speaking, start-ups, business development, scaling companies, the business of commercializing scientific innovation, and executive management made him an ideal candidate for Helixomer. In addition to his general leadership skills, his experience as a CEO of other organizations, including a contract research organization, is also beneficial for Helixomer’s continued success as we prepare to move from preclinical research through the regulatory environment to clinical trials and beyond. Not only does David understand the business of science, but he also understands the science, which aids in bridging the often-present chasm between scientists and businesspeople."

Previously, Harrell led Regenerative Outcomes and Harrell BioScience Consulting, and was Chief Scientist at Harvest Terumo, driving significant growth. He also co-founded Sound Sleep, guiding it to a successful exit. Harrell's broad experience on various boards and his ability to merge scientific innovation with business acumen position him as a pivotal leader for Helixomer's development.

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