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Innovative RNA Origami Anticoagulant Research Highlighted at MSE100 Centennial Celebration

 On Friday, April 5th, Thom LaBean showcased a poster titled "Multivalent, Aptamer-Decorated RNA Origami as Direct Thrombin Inhibitor with Fast-Acting, Single-Molecule DNA Antidote in Murine Models" during the research poster session at MSE100. This event marked the centennial celebration of Materials Science and Engineering at North Carolina State University, spanning two days and featuring numerous distinguished speakers and participants. LaBean's presentation highlighted the inception of the RNA origami anticoagulant project, originally a student initiative involving five undergraduates and one high school student. The poster also unveiled new in vivo data demonstrating the pre-clinical efficacy and initial safety of Hex01. These findings, along with additional extensive data, are slated for imminent publication in the journal Molecular Therapy.

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