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Our team members are entrepreneurs with extensive start-up and executive management experience in pharmaceuticals, biotech, biomolecular design and engineering, regulatory, as well as sales and marketing.

The Helixomer Story

Consider the art of origami: taking a simple piece of paper and, through various ingenious folds, turning it into a work of three-dimensional beauty. Now consider that those precision folds could create a cure to major health problems. That's Helixomer. An engineering and development leader of the world's first three-dimensional, bio-inspired, dynamic medicines. We are leading a paradigm shift in a new class of drugs that will transform patient care - and change lives - across medical fields, including hematology, cardiology, neurology, oncology, and organ transplantation.  We are the change that the medical market craves; change that will inspire 3D revenue.

Our innovative approach replicates natural biology: designing and engineering three-dimensional molecules - just like origami, but self-folding - while remaining nonimmunogenic and nontoxic. Unlike 3D structures like biological proteins, we have the ability to design our 3D structures from scratch and produce them consistently, reliably, and are easily scalable.

Even more exciting, pharmaceutical companies can utilize their recently established - and continually growing - mRNA manufacturing lines to produce our drugs.

Our novel approach also allows us to maximize the benefits of traditional small-molecule drugs making (reproducibility, ease of manufacturing, and scalability) while minimizing the negative aspects of rigid structures that are not inspired by natural biology.

All of this means we can capitalize on both existing and newly emerging large pharmaceutical manufacturing structures. Helixomer is at the forefront of this new class of 3D, bio-inspired drugs. 


David Harrell

Chief Executive Officer

David is a seasoned executive with nearly 30 years of proven success in leading, growing, developing, and scaling businesses and teams to profitability with a passion for patients' health and their quality of life.

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Sherran Brewer

Marketing Advisor

Sherran has 30+ years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing. In addition to being an advisor to Helixomer, Inc, Sherran is Executive-in-Residence at NC State University.


Thomas LaBean, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Thom has a PhD in biochemistry and has 30 years of experience in biomolecular engineering.

Kathleen Photo_edited.jpg

Kathleen Beach, MD, MPH

Regulatory Advisor

Kathleen has 30 years of drug development expertise in the pharmaceutical industry. Kathleen has joined Helixomer, Inc after a successful career at FDA (Office of Blood).


Abhichart Krissanaprasit, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Abhichart has a PhD in biotechnology and nearly 10 years experience in nucleic acid nanotechnolgies.

Our Mission:

We have a patient-driven mission to engineer bio-inspired precision medicines using RNA origami functionalized with aptamers.

Our Vision:

We are leaders at the forefront of a paradigm shift in pharmaceuticals that maximize the benefits of small molecules and large molecules and to minimize their respective disadvantages. We develop pharmaceuticals in hematology, cardiology, neurology, oncology, and organ transport and transplantation.

Our Culture:

Company culture is always a work in process because business is always developing and evolving. As such, this represents what we are today and what we aspire to be. We believe that company culture requires continuous diligence; we also believe that company culture is not just a collection of words, but is how we operate even if nobody is watching. 

1. We value our corporate values

2. We embrace challenges

3. We support smart and passionate people

4. We work with a "today, not tomorrow" mentality and sense of urgency

5. We always work with the perspective of improving patients' lives 

6. We are focused on growth always - learning and fiscally

7. We believe data trumps opinion

8. We do more with less

9. We give freedom and responsibility

10. We have an enjoyable time doing what we do

Our Values:

Smart (disposed to continual learning)

Humble (focused on others and self-awareness for team success) 

Hardworking (disciplined, professional, focused effort, competitive, determined, resourceful, resilient, and gritty)

Collaborative (we are all interested in getting better at what we do and everyone takes responsibility for that)

What we possess:

Competence (basic and translational science, regulatory, funding and finance)

Confidence (depending upon each other to do our work well, supporting each other, what and why we do what we each do matters)

Courage (boldness to advise based upon competence and confidence)

Conviction (we provide the best value, we will continually improve for our employees, stakeholders, and prospective customers)


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